About us

About us



SoundKraft LLC is one of UAE’s well known Event Production & Technology house providing Lights, Audio, Video, Trussing, Staging, LED Screens & Technical Support. We are backed by years of professional experience, consistent Equipment update and trained experienced engineers. We are here to help you frame just what you are looking for, a spectacular event with our expertise!

Dedication, passion, professionalism and doing right thing at the right time and in the artistic way is the philosophy that stands by SoundKraft. We always believe in building healthy business relations and offering services that would satisfy our clients by being a one-stop solution for all their sound, light, staging and AV requirements.

Be it a private event for 20 people or a concert for 20,000 pax, SoundKraft always gives priority service and personal attention to all the needs of the clients at a value for money price. Supported by the high end technology, latest equipments, inhouse technicial staff and utmost creativity ideas, SoundKraft can make any event a lightful and extravagant event. We listen to our customers and understand their requirements. That’s how SoundKraft turns their clients dreams to reality with utmost satisfaction.

SoundKraft has been fortunate through our years to have acquired some of the most talented in house designers, engineers, technicians and office personnel, many of whom have been here for the majority of our existence.  Every day we become an even closer tight nit family whose goals of growth all become one.  Our greatest attribute isn’t the name we’ve worked so hard to establish or the selection of gear we have attained, it is the blood sweat of our truly inspirational team that keep us doing our best day in and day out, every year.  There is no other consistence more important than that if you truly want to succeed.